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Kamp Kill Kare
Memories of Life in an Adirondack Great Camp

By Roy E. Wires

This book is written about the Wires family who lived year round for ten years at Kamp Kill Kare, one of the few remaining Adirondack Great Camps. It relates how they dealt with living back in the deep woods and how they adapted to the changing seasonal environment. The stories of deer and other wildlife will heighten your appreciation for the Adirondack Mountains. A first hand perspective brings a never before seen overview of Kamp Kill Kare and the surrounding wilderness. A variety of the author's original photographs assist in documenting this accounting.

--William J. O'Hern

Product Details
Paperback: 72 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press 2005
ISBN-13: 978-1598000511
Shipping Weight: .5 pounds
Price $11.90

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First Person

   Roy Wires family has a long history of tradition of living in the Adirondacks. The author's father, Edwin B. Wires, spent many summers as a teenager at North Lake with his mother, Emily Mitchell Wires. In the 1880s, the Wires/Mitchell clan built one of the first fishing and hunting camps in the North Lake region known then as a Mecca for sporting men and women.

Roy remembers his father telling tale-after-tale about trout fishing escapades far back into remote ponds that "boiled" with native trout. During the 1940s Edwin was the Game Protector assigned to the area between Otter Lake and Old Forge. His duties united him in with the State Troopers assigned to the Old Forge area at that time. Following World War II Edwin, as Roy tells it, ...went to work for the NYS Conservation Dept. He spent quite a bit of time in the North Country. He also had occasion to work with Eddie Bink of North Lake on quite a few surveying/ timber cruising jobs.'

As an aside, Bink still lives and works in the region. He is a man of great historical knowledge as well as a talented and highly skilled man of many trades. Current North Lake residents fondly refer to him as "The Modern-day North Lake Hermit."

Wires' reason for writing this book "centered around the almost 500 slide he owns of Kamp Kill Kare. He wanted to preserve his knowledge of the "very private" great camp.

After much deliberation Wires' said he, "decided to write about ten years of experiences at the camp."

In 2005 Roy Wires lives in Florida. He misses "the Adirondacks and enjoys talking about the old times. "When we get older," he says, "I guess that's about all we have."

This is a rare 64 page Adirondack history book. It includes many black and white photos.

This is more than an enjoyable read. This is a book you will turn to time and again.

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