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Under An Adirondack Influence
The Life of A. L. Byron-Curtiss

By William J. O'Hern and Roy E. Reehil

Under An Adirondack Influence 

An intriguing account that is hard to put down as the complex character of A. L. Byron-Curtiss unfolds. Through many facets and contradictions, Byron-Curtiss reveals himself through his writings: a Reverend with an independent sense of justice, a story-teller with an endearing sense of humor, a brilliant writer with a sharp pen, and a lover of the Adirondacks who spent years exploring, fishing and hunting in the wilderness. He was as comfortable with lumberjacks and guides as he was among Bishops and businessmen. His sense of humor and personal flaws make him a sympathetic personality grappling with life during world war, prohibition and the Great Depression. If you love Adirondack folklore, you'll love this book.

Product Details:
6 x 9 - 352 pages - Over 60 vintage photographs
Index and Bibliography
Printed on Recycled Paper
Publisher: The Forager Press, LLC
Limited 1st Edition Hardcover - $29.95 - ISBN 0-9743943-4-3
Paperback - $21.95 - ISBN 0-9743943-5-1
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