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The Works of Barbara McMartin

b-mcmartin-180.jpg (11992 bytes)Discover the Adirondacks Series, Regional Guides

discover-a-h-p90.jpg (10597 bytes)Embracing 11 regions within the vast Adirondack Park, Discover the Adirondacks is a series of four-season, multi-use guides allowing explorers to discover all of the Adirondacks, from the most popular trails to the most hidden destinations.
You can see all of these guides at this link:
Discover the Adirondacks Series, Regional Guidebooks

Other Books by Barbara McMartin:
The Low Price PawprintFun on Flatwater
by Barbara McMartin, Paperback.
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Anyplace Wild
in the Adirondacks


The Low Price PawprintColvin in the Adirondacks:
A Chronology and Index

By Francis B. Rosevear with Barbara McMartin, Cloth Cover.
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