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Adirondack French Louie
Early Life in the North Woods
by Harvey Dunham

Harvey Dunham's Adirondack French Louie has become an Adirondack classic. Louie Seymour was the prototype of all the Adirondack woodsman - a hunter-trapper- fisherman -lumberman and on some few days a year when he brought his furs into Newton's Corners (now Speculator), a happy, roaring drunk, but a rugged individualist above all else. Dunham captures the spirit of the wild, virgin Adirondacks as few other contemporary writers have. Adirondack French Louie belongs on everyone's Americana bookshelf.

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Paperback: 212 pages
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First Person

     And now the old man knocks the ashes out of his pipe on the toe of his boot.
      He has told his story, the story of Louie and the West Creek. But wait! The oldtimer gazes into the evening mist. "I remember once, when," he starts, pauses for a few moments and continues, "I guess Old Louie wouldn't want me to tell you that one," and he says no more about it.
      The night is peaceful. The punkies aren't biting. The low roar of the creek as it pours through the rotting sluiceways of the black spruce and balsam are silhouetted against the moonlit mist of the Stillwater. The opposite shoreline and the woods are veiled in soft mystic light and the moon rides high over the mountains. It is late and time to go.

"Good night, old-timer!"
"Well, so long."
"So long."

- Harvey L. Dunham

Vintage Copies
If you are interested in vintage hard cover copies of French Louie from 1952 and 1953 give us a call at 315-675-9704. We have collected several copies of both in a variety of conditions, Signed and unsigned.

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