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bobmarshall.jpg (65217 bytes)Bob Marshall in the Adirondacks: Writings of a Pioneering Peak-Bagger, Pond-Hopper and Wilderness Preservationist

By Phil Brown (Editor)
Bob Marshall in the Adirondacks collects nearly forty writings about the Adirondacks by one of America's greatest champions of wilderness. These articles are part of Adirondack history and part of the history of conservation. Bob Marshall embodied the spirit of wilderness, and fought for wilderness protection throughout the US. His passion for wilderness was nurtured in the Adirondack Mountains. They include numerous accounts of his pioneering hikes in the High Peaks and of his explorations in the vast wild region south of Cranberry Lake, spirited defenses of the forever wild Forest Preserve, and a charming sketch of guide Herb Clark. The articles reveal Marshall's deep personal connection to the Adirondacks, and the inspiration for his commitment to wilderness preservation. Also included are three articles by Bob's brother George Marshall; pieces by historian Phil G. Terrie, conservationist Paul Schaefer and writer Phil Brown; a humorous ode to peak-bagging by writer Bill McKibben; and, the Adirondack Council's proposed Bob Marshall Great Wilderness.

Product Details
ISBN: 0978925408
ISBN-13: 9780978925406
Hardcover, 308 pages, photographs & maps
Publisher: Lost Pond Press

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