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Adirondack Kaleidoscope and North Country CharactersAdirondack Kaleidoscope and North Country Characters
By William J. O'Hern

An incredible anthology of Adirondack history and folklore. Dozens of fascinating stories.
Paperback only. - More about this book -


Adirondack Memories and Campfire Stories Adirondack Memories and Campfire Stories
By William J. O'Hern

Interesting stories about Adirondack history, places, and its communities. This anthology includes thrillers and adventurous exploring in the mountains. Only available in paperback.
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Adirondack Wilds Adirondack Wilds: Exploring the Haunts of Noah John Rondeau: An Adirondack Adventure
By William J. O'Hern
Explore little-known haunts of the famed hermit, Noah John Rondeau. Learn fascinating particulars not before revealed about this remarkable approachable woodsman who gained nationwide fame in the later 1940s. Only available in paperback. -More about this book -


The Hermit and Us: Our Adventures with Noah John RondeauThe Hermit and Us: Our Adventures with Noah John Rondeau
By William J. O'Hern

Experience life with the Mayor of Cold River City-Population 1, through the memories and photos who frequently visited the mountain hermitage of Noah John Rondeau.
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