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Fun on Flatwater
An Introduction to Adirondack Canoeing
by Barbara McMartin
128 pages - Maps - Illus. - Paper


McMartin's guidebooks are a must for both the newcomer and the experienced outdoors person. This guide to Adirondack flatwater canoeing on lakes, ponds, and quiet streams and rivers is the second in her series geared to both the young adventurer and the adult novice. It contains descriptions of places to learn to canoe and covers all the flatwater stretches on Adirondack rivers and streams, except those that require camping or long carries.

Product Details
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: North Country Books
ISBN-13: 978-0925168405

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First Person

I have spent most of my life concerned with the Adirondacks. From my experience writing thirteen Adirondack guidebooks, I know intimately its forests, lakes, mountains, and rivers and I have employed that knowledge as a foundation for other research. As a member of several boards and advisory committees dealing with Adirondack issues, I have been most concerned with recreation in the Forest Preserve.

- Barbara McMartin

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