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Just an accident
By Amy Montgomery

Author Amy Montgomery does a superb job of capturing the experience of Scott Remington, an Adirondack logger who suffered a life-changing accident. Her writing style is personal and empowers readers to rapidly connect with Montgomery's family. "Just An Accident" delivers a personal look at the overwhelming physical and emotional challenges Scott Remington and his family faced following the moment when the top of a massive beech tree snapped off and slammed into the 33-year-old logger.

Product Details
Paperback: 293 pages
Publisher: Authorhouse (2004)
ISBN-13: 978-1418492908
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $17.50

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First Person

I was thoroughly absorbed in just an accident. This book is more than an inspirational read. In it, the reader will see people of character that surround our own lives like the paramedics who reached him and got him out of the woods. There are so many: the doctors and nurses, physical therapists and insurance case workers, brothers and sisters, wife and children, parents and in-laws, and other disabled people such as Christopher Reeve. Reeve invited Scott to visit at his home "for a personal chat."

--William J. O'Hern

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