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A History of the Adirondacks
by Alfred L. Donaldson

Alfred Donaldson's History of the Adirondacks is recognized as the major work about the entire region and as such remains unsurpassed. As the author pointed out in the preface, "The previously recorded history of the Adirondacks lies scattered in the most meager parts of old country histories, in a score of early books on travel, in a few guide-books and pamphlets, in many detached magazine and newspaper articles, and in a long series of rather dry and often technical State Reports." His task was, therefore, to sift and sort this material and to bring it together into a comprehensive and cohesive history, while adding much information from "untapped sources" and a copious index. Donaldson's work is now once more brought within reach of those who wish to delve into the colorful past of this famous mountain region.

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ISBN-13: 9780935796766
Format: Paperback, 766 pages - two volume set
Publisher: Purple Mountain Press

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