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Exploring the 46 Adirondack High Peaks
282 Photos, Maps and Mountain Profiles, Excerpts from the Author's Journal, and Historical Insights
by James R. Burnside

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The author documents in detail the planning, then the climbs of the peaks, starting with his older son, then with his younger son. He relates historical insights along with the thrill of penetrating the largest tract of wilderness left in the northeastern U.S., as well as the risks - 22 trail less peaks, danger from hypothermia and "beaver fever," blinding storms, voracious black flies, etc.

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First Person

Sit. Place your back against one of the earth's oldest rocks. Gaze out as you breathe in refreshing mountain air. There is no question about it. You are looking at remarkable scenery. It's been that way since the end of the last Ice Age - time immemorial for mere humans.

Photo by Carl E. Heilman II

I felt a magical quality as deep thoughts silently slipped into my mind. What a wonderful time to be living. Few times in history have been better. My mind wandered to a recent column in the Adirondack Express newspaper written by my favorite columnist, Mart Allen. "We live in a time of unprecedented technological advances... It appears there is no avenue that cannot be improved upon. I tell myself that constantly, but am left to wonder how there are still some things that seem to be difficult to consistently duplicate." Why does one climb? Don't expect Burnside to answer that! Just be thankful for the wealth of information he provides in this wonderful family-centered book. His approach will motivate the most comfortable armchair explorers.

Hit the trail. Create your own "good old days" to tell the youngsters. One of my favorite tales is the weekend I carried, snaked and pulled my canoe to a high mountain pond.

- Jay O'Hern

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