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Adirondack Folks
by Ted Abner

The magnificent and thoroughly enchanting mid-Adirondack region lured a hardy type of settler. Bravery and heroism were needed as this isolated type of existence yielded at times to the cruelties of nature. Slowly the inhabitants developed a mingled culture and lore shared by few other sections of the country. These are the stories of these unique individuals. Reprint

First Person

Hardiness and courage marked these silent Adirondack stalwarts, who stared often into the stark face of danger and oftentimes into the countenance of death itself -- in the lumber woods, in blinding blizzards, in treacherous log jams while river driving, in devastating forest fires -- virtually in daily living. Weather-watching was a necessity rather than a simple concern. This reprint marks the return of a twenty years absence from bookshelves.

Publisher: North Country Books
ISBN-13: 978-0932052896

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